State Inspections & Emissions in Upper Saint Clair, Pa

Passing your emissions test and automotive state inspection in Upper Saint Clair, PA, helps you not only stay safe on the road, but also helps to reduce the amount of damage our daily commutes do to our beautiful communities. The team at Bridgeville Automotive wants to help you reduce vehicle emissions so you can pass these inspections and do your part to keep our state looking great.

When Should You Get Your Emissions Test?

For most people, the emissions test is due once a year at around the same time or just before you receive your annual safety inspection. If your vehicle is required to undergo an emissions inspection, then you will receive a message that states “Emissions Inspection Required/Diesel Vehicles Exempt” on your vehicle registration card. This is there to remind you that an inspection is required this year for your vehicle.

What If You Don’t Pass Your Vehicle Inspection?

Have you brought your vehicle in for inspection only to find out it didn’t pass the test? If this happens to you, you are going to need to take your vehicle to a auto repair shop like ours to have your vehicle repaired. Once these repairs have been made, you will need to have your vehicle re-inspected before your current safety inspection expires.

While it might sometimes feel like a bother to get your emissions under control, it is actually a huge benefit to you and the environment. Not only do these inspections help to reduce the number of toxins being released into the air, but it also may help you to improve your gas mileage and actually prolong the life of your vehicle.

It is important for you to keep in mind that after any necessary repairs are completed, you are able to bring your vehicle to the same place that conducted the initial inspection within 30 days to receive a free re-inspection. If your vehicle still doesn’t pass the inspection, then you can show that you have spent at least $150 on emissions-related repairs. This may make you eligible for a one-year waiver.

Sometimes the repairs you have to make for your vehicle are going to be more than $150, for example, if you need to replace your catalytic converter. To qualify for a waiver, you must show that you have done what you can to get your vehicle up to the current code. Additionally, you must obtain an emissions sticker or a waiver from a certified inspection station and pass the safety inspection before you can affix the safety inspection sticker onto your car or truck.

Routine Maintenance & Engine Diagnostics

The team at our auto repair shop is always looking out for you and your vehicle. That is why we perform a variety of different maintenance and repair services to help you keep your car or truck running just like it should. Whether you are coming to our shop for a state inspection, an oil change, or to have your check engine light diagnosed, our mechanics will be there to meet or exceed your expectations.


Contact us when it is time to get your vehicle inspected. We offer automotive state inspection and repair services to customers located throughout the Upper Saint Clair, Pennsylvania, area.